“When a child grows up without the ability to read or write he or she is a victim.”

Nearly 8 million people learned how to read and write through Alfalit and our vision today is to build on their success and continue to deliver literacy, basic education and life-changing programs free of charge to the neediest populations around the world.

Joseph Milton


The Reason We Serve

Alfalit has been described as the best program for illiterate youth and adults considered to be “nontraditional students” by sending teachers and facilitators, mostly volunteers or former Alfalit students themselves, to teach people in remote villages and public facilities in urban areas. Alfalit maintains high-quality training, testing and consistent evaluation of its teachers and facilitators to ensure student success. Rooted in a proven method supporting the goal of “Each One Teaches One,” the Alfalit approach means each one who learns to read and write is strongly encouraged to teach another.

85% of Alfalit students graduate from the Literacy program.

Board of Directors

Joseph Milton

Executive Committee Member
J. Milton & Associates

Carlos Del Amo

Vice Chair
Executive Committee Member
Law Offices of Carlos C. Del Amo

Yannick Ngendahayo

Executive Committee Member
Keefe McCullough

Luis Mata

Executive Committee Member
Balsera Communications

Adib Eden

Executive Committee Member
Actualidad Media Group

Eugenio M. Fernandez

Executive Committee MemberComptroller

Fernando Gonzalez

Executive Committee Member
Glez Food Group, LLC

Manuel Gonzalez

Executive Committee Member
MGM Consulting, LLC

Rev. Roberto Perez

President Emeritus

Carol Brock

Public Relations Consultant

Yvonne Debesa

Sunstate Bank

Giuseppe F. Mantica

Executive Committee Member
Iberia Bank

Patrick T. Ramge

Executive Committee Member
Wells Fargo & Company

Marc Schuster

Valhalla Financial Inc.

Alfalit Staff

Catherine Penrod

Executive Director

Alexandra Coll

Chief of Staff

Lila Cotes


Teresa de Almeida

Program Director for Africa, Portugal & the Caribbean

Juan Marcos Bello

Program Director for Central and South America, Haiti, & United States

Gabriela Adarve

Development Coordinator

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