Alfalit Makes A Difference – even during a Pandemic!

Alfalit International used its trademark flexibility to meet the needs of students, teachers and their families in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Through reallocated program funding, Alfalit South Sudan, our affiliate, created and distributed much needed protective masks to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Alfalit South Sudan also provided masks to community partners including refugee associations and various women’s groups as well as to other extremely vulnerable individuals with no means to acquire these shielding coverings.

In the Rhino, Imvepi and Bidi-Bidi Ugandan refugee camps where many South Sudanese fled, 1,235 masks were supplied. In the county of South Sudan, 670 were distributed.

Each mask is made from a sturdy two-layer material and is designed for easier breathing unlike other available gear.

Brochure Download: How to protect yourself from COVID-19

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