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An Educational Legacy to Build a Better Haiti

Alfalit-Criss International Haiti

An Educational Legacy to Build a Better Haiti

In the parable of the sower, Christ teaches us that a single seed planted in good soil can produce a harvest that is “a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown” (Matthew 13:8).

The Alfalit-Cross International Haiti Literacy Program was founded on that powerful biblical principle. When you help just one Haitian student advance in his or her schooling, that student can help bring an entire family — even a community or entire village — out of poverty. Thanks to this impactful partnership, over 500 Haitian women and youth are now reading, writing and performing math at a third-grade level.

Alfalit-Cross International Haiti
Alfalit-Cross International Haiti

The Alfalit-Cross International Haiti Literacy Program set up 17 program sites throughout the greater Port-au-Prince area. Each center spent 72 days in class, with the average age of the students being 40 years old. The program utilized a proven methodology for teaching illiterate children and adults that includes curriculum that is approved and certified by the Haitian Ministry of Education. The curriculum is also independently tested to meet standards for a third-grade level of education, and some up to a sixth-grade level. All students received a New Testament Bible in Haitian-Creole, and their academic lessons are supplemented with Bible study.

Some of the key achievements of the program:

  • 677 illiterate Haitian women and youth participated in a 12-month program and more than 75% graduated.
  • 677 New Testament Bibles distributed and read in every class
  • 17 volunteer teachers trained in the Alfalit methodology
  • The students demonstrated that they can write and read over 1,471 words
  • 90% of the graduates have expressed a desire to continue to learn in the 2-year basic education program, vocational training, and even want to enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree program or grow their business
Alfalit-Cross International Haiti

Alfalit International is thankful to Cross International for their generous support in making a real and lasting difference. As observed by Cross International, “These older women and young adults – most of whom were convinced they would never be able to read and write — now realize they have a future and can visualize a way out of the poverty they were born into. They will be treated with gentle patience. And they can look to Christ for continued strength, provision and hope for the rest of their lives.”

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