Alfalit brings literacy, a fundamental right of every human being, to Guinéa-Bissau.

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Alfalit Guinéa-Bissau

authorized affiliate

since 2002


Pastor João Jorge Sanhá, “Nenê”

Executive Director​

Main Office:
Cuntum-Quelele Bissau
Rep. da Guinea-Bissau

Phone Number:
(011) 245-615-2788

Do you know that in developing, low-income countries like Guinéa-Bissau every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by about 10%?

Alfalit Guinéa-Bissau

Student Statistics

Enrolled Students

Total number of students enrolled in Guinéa-Bissau\'s Literary and Basic Education Programs in 2019.

Program Success Rate

Overall percentage of students who graduated, are in process, failed, or dropped out of Guinéa-Bissau\'s Literacy Programs.

Enrollment Percentages

Typical overall percentages of male and female students who enrolled in Alfalit Guinéa-Bissau\'s Literacy Programs in 2019.

She is an elected official AND an Alfalit graduate (at age 65)!

DRC’s Ministry of Social Affairs recognizes
Ngoyi Cécile literacy achievement!

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"During my campaign [for Treasurer], I urged moms and dads in our community, and especially in my village, to vote for me because I could read and write.”

Ngoyi Cécile, Center Tusaidiye, Lubumbashi, DRC

age 65, Graduate

“…I am …, a [former] farmer, widow, and mother of six children. I had not [attended school] because, in my family, the privilege … was given more to boys than girls. When I was 17, I … married…. After fourteen years of marriage, my husband passed away, and my husband’s family [destroyed] [my]property, including the field [ed. note – they blamed Ngoyi for her husband’s illness and considered her responsible for his death]. It was painful; I had no means to feed and educate my children. … I [then] heard [from my pastor] of AlfaCongo, a non-profit organization that deals with literacy for adults…. After spending ten months … learning in AlfaCongo, I applied for the position of treasurer at a community development mutual society* in our community…. I was elected….

“Thanks to my training in AlfaCongo, today, I have my salary, which allows me to feed and educate my children. [In addition,] I have the privilege of attending meetings … with the notable leaders of our community, something I could never [have] dream[ed] of [doing] in my life. I am participating in …. with various partners who help [our community]. I am so thankful to AlfaCongo and Alfalit International for the opportunity; my life changed; [and] today, I am useful to society….”

* Civic minded individuals who work together to advocate for the development and improvement of living conditions in their community.