World Humanitarian Day, August 19. A Legacy – Alfalit Honors Kasongo Family

World Humanitarian Day, August 19.
A Legacy – Alfalit Honors Kasongo Family

World Humanitarian Day honors workers who sacrifice their lives to help in global crises. This year, these workers continue their efforts despite the pandemic.COVID-19 has impacted so many, and for those living in poorer countries, the results are heartbreaking.

A tragic loss, hope for the future

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo [“DRC”], one of our students, Mrs. Kasongo Mwema Jeanne, age 64, died from COVID-19 related complications. Like so many other women in her country, her family could not afford to send her to school, and she grew up illiterate. She never lost the desire to learn and only recently enrolled in Alfalit’s DRC literacy program. Sadly, she passed the virus onto her family. Her husband perished at age 73, and 4 of their nine children died as well. The three youngest are left to fend for themselves.

Yannick, 21, works as a trash collector to support Marie, 14, and Samuel, 9. Marie also delivers water for little pay. Samuel cries every night for his mother. They struggle each day just to eat – and some days, they go hungry.

My goal is that at least one of these survivors, but hopefully, all three, will enroll in our program and find a way out of poverty and misery. God has a plan for these grieving children – I know it. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Mrs. Kasongo is an inspiration. In her memory, we have created the Kasongo Legacy Fund to ensure accessible education in DRC, and in other countries we serve, will continue at no cost to students. We cannot all be international aid workers, but we can all be humanitarians. Please join me on this World Humanitarian Day to do just that – be humanitarian. I am making a gift to the Kasongo Legacy Fund. Will you join me?


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