Meet Alfalit Congo Executive Director

Q & A with Julien Nshimba of Alfalit Congo

Q & A with Julien Nshimba of Alfalit Congo

1.How long have you been with Alfalit?
I have been working for Alfalit since 2015

2.What inspired you to join and keeps you going everyday?
What motivated me to join the organization is the desire to help my illiterate Congolese brothers and sisters.

3.What is life like for your students?
How does your team and Alfalit at large impact them? Our students are mostly farmers and housewives. Alfalit influences their lives through an integration in the economic sector of our country. In other words, when we recruit our students, they are illiterate, after 10 months of learning, they can read and write, therefore they create their own revenue-generating activities and become autonomous in their daily lives.

4.What are the biggest challenges and constraints you face in running the Alfalit affiliate?
The biggest challenge and constraint is to find funding to serve a large number of the population. When we enroll our students in our programs there is always a large group that also wants to be registered and they don’t understand why we have to limit the number of registrations.

5.One outstanding success story from the last one year.
Seeing a 84-year-old student crying because for the first time in his life he could read, write and do math, thanks to AlfaCongo.

6.What do you wish other people knew about Alfalit?
I want other people to know that Alfalit is a Christian organization committed to improving the living conditions of the vulnerable population through literacy and as such, Alfalit needs financial support from people of good will to carry out their actions.

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