Relief Efforts in Haiti

Support Alfalit Relief Efforts in Haiti for the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

Haiti Relief For Alfalit StudentsAs you’ve heard, on Tuesday, October 4, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the country of Haiti, bringing violent winds and devastating floods to this island home of ten million people. As one of world’s most impoverished countries, more than half of Haiti’s adults and children live in severe poverty and represent some of the most vulnerable citizens in the world. The aftermath of this storm has left many without basic needs and, in some, cases their homes.

Relief Efforts in HaitiAt the beginning of 2016, Alfalit International committed to providing literacy courses to 8,000 youth and adults. As of October, we were able to reach 5,600 students and operated classes in numerous learning centers across Haiti. However, some of our efforts in the capital city and the southern part of the country are stalled due to Hurricane Matthew.

In the affected areas, Alfalit has turned its learning centers and staff into relief workers to help those who are suffering. We are still in the process of gathering information, but initial reports indicate that many of our students, teachers and their families have been greatly affected.

So far, we’ve determined that 1,239 students, 64 teachers and 1 supervisor have suffered severely from the hurricane and are in dire need. They have lost all their belongings and their homes flooded or destroyed. We are anticipating that these numbers will rise as we continue to travel through the different communities and assess their needs.

Our hearts are heavy as we watch the devastation continue to unfold, and through our prayers we continue to lift up our friends and all of the people of Haiti during this time.

As Haiti emerges from this catastrophic disaster, we ask that you’d partner with us in supporting our relief efforts in Haiti. All funds collected will be used to purchase much-needed building supplies to rebuild homes, distribute food, water, clothing, and other necessary products to help the survivors stabilize.


1. Visit our website at, click on DONATE NOW. Select Dedicate My Donation & indicate
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2. Or you can mail your tax-deductible gift to:

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