Carolina Ester Villarroel Brantes

Executive Director​

A native of Chile, Carolina Ester Villarroel Brantes has headed Alfalit Costa Rica since 2016. In 2001, she completed Alfalit’s training in Santiago and became a volunteer literacy teacher. When she married Carlos Guzmán Jiménez from Costa Rica, the couple relocated there. Fifteen years later, she applied for a job with Alfalit Costa Rica as a teacher and due to a twist of circumstances, she was hired as the Director! From Chile to Costa Rica with 15 years in-between, Carolina is considered an excellent leader who meets and exceeds annual goals. The mother of two has a degree in Basic General Education from Universidad Metropolitana de las Ciencias de la Educación (Chile). Her previous positions included Director of Taller Infantil El Redentor (14 years, Costa Rica), and Head of Substitute Homes of the Municipality of Maipú (4 years) and School el Redentor (9 years) both in Chile.