Alfalit brings literacy, a fundamental right of every human being, to Angolans in Luanda, Bengo, Kuanza-Norte, Kuanza-Sul, Malange, Bie, Lunda Sul & Moxico.
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Pastor Maveza Mbiyeye Eduardo

Executive Director​

Main Office:
Rua do Abacate, casa Nº 137
Município de Belas
Bairro do Sapu 2 / Luanda

Total Students enrolled in Angola - 2022

Total Students
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A future biologist behind her dreams, with Alfalit

“In less than 3 months, and at 40 years old, I learned to write my name for the very first time. I knew my dreams would finally have the chance to come true”

Marcelina João
44 years, Luanda- Angola

“Today I tell my friends that it was good to have gone through some situations when I was growing up. I think it taught me to be so much more appreciative of every day. Even though I couldn’t make the most of my youth, I still knew that one day my life would change. I knew that God had a great plan for my future. I now walk with my head held high and nothing will stop me anymore. I will graduate from high school, then attend one of the local universities where I will fulfill my dream to graduate with a degree in biology, and then attend medical school to become a doctor. I say thank you to my Pastor for welcoming the Alfalit organization to begin literacy classes in our church. I thank the teachers that encouraged us and believed in me and my friends. I thank the Alfalit Angola team for bringing their basic education and literacy classes to my country. I hope you will always keep helping the people break this cycle of illiteracy. There’s a lot of work still needed here, please don’t stop helping. My pastor always says “With God, all things are possible”. God and Alfalit International have made everything I thought was impossible, become possible. God bless you all!”

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