Is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world ~ Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Mr. Mandela was a black nationalist, revolutionary activist and the first black president of South Africa

Our Programs

Alfalit believes that Literacy is a fundamental right that changes lives. Since 1961, our grassroots-approach with in-country affiliate organizations has effectively reached those with the greatest needs. On average, 85% of all enrolled students graduate from Alfalit programs every year.

Basic Education

Available to students completing Literacy training. It provides the equivalent of a sixth grade education and encourages formal study. In many countries, thanks to alliances with the Ministries of Education, this certification is recognized and allows labor inclusion, reinforcing the self-confidence of our students.

Early Childhood Development

Our tiniest students learn basic skills like counting, colors and words. Students are better prepared to enter elementary schools and typically do better than their non-early educated counterparts.


Equivalent to a 3rd grade education, upon completion students have a 1,471-word vocabulary. They can read, write and complete basic math computations. Completion time: about 9 months.

Job & Vocational Training

Earning an income helps individuals, families and communities. This program provides skill-based training to adults who would otherwise be unemployable in the poor countries served by Alfalit.

Conversational English

Adult, non-English speakers gain the ability to use English with self-assurance in basic, everyday situations. In the United States, this helps our non-native residents become a part of the community in a quicker manner and contribute more to society as a whole.

Janet Helbig


Janet Helbig, aged 33, is a graduate of the adult literacy and vocational skills programs. She is now an entrepreneur and we couldn´t be prouder.



She started our course in January 2016 and received her certificate in June of the same year. Rosena Peltreau now feels like a well-rounded young woman.

Mrs. Vilma


Mrs. Vilma was unable to read or write. She now feels empowered to help her neighbors and wants to complete the third phase of the literacy program.

Stop this vicious cycle

Most people know that illiteracy causes poverty, but they do not know how to stop this vicious cycle. Alfalit International provides literacy and educational programs to the poorest and neediest populations around the world. Thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers, Alfalit International has helped over 8 million people learn how to read and write, in their own language, through our life-changing programs.

Just $14 a month can help provide basic literacy skills

Alfalit International is recognized by USAID as an organization committed to providing educational and literacy programs in the hardest-to-reach areas of post-conflict countries.

Give for
literacy today

Make a difference in the lives of children and adults in the United States and beyond. Alfalit’s free literacy and educational programs help enable women to build a better future themselves and their families.