Congo (DRC)

Alfalit brings literacy, a fundamental right of every human being, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
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Julien Nshimba Mpiana

Executive Director​

Main Office: 06, Av.Tshimanga, Q/ Beau vent , C/ Lingwala, Kinshasa – Republique Démocratique du Congo

Total Students enrolled in DRC - 2022

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New knowledge, new life perspectives

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Alfalit International for providing me with the basic education program that has transformed my life and enabled me to make a positive impact on the young people in my community.

Aziza Feza Anne

“I was a student in the first level of the Basic Education Program of Alfalit International. I successfully completed the program and obtained my state diploma with a score of 54%. Currently, I am a teacher in a center located in our parish, where I coach young people on various subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Although I am grateful for the educational opportunities I have received, my biggest concern is the lack of financial means to pursue university studies. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful that one day, I will be able to achieve my dream of pursuing higher education.God bless you for your continued support”.