Alfalit brings literacy, a fundamental right of every human being, to Argentina.
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José Benito Bongarrá

Executive Director​

Main Office: Evangélica en Villa Real Tinogasta 5824 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Total Students enrolled in Argentina - 2022

Total Students in Latin-America

Our main goal is to improve your quality of life

I am happy to be part of Alfalit, because they are teaching me to read and write. I want to become independent and not have to rely on anyone else.

24 years, Argentina

My childhood was challenging; my parents divorced when I was only ten. My stepfather treated me terribly, denying me an education and insisting that studying was not for girls. Visiting places like the hospital or bank has been distressing because I have to ask for help, and the people often refuse to assist me, which makes things even more difficult. Also, another of my main motivations for learning to read is to help my nine-year-old son with homework. He had to repeat a grade because I couldn’t assist him with his studies. I sometimes even yelled at him out of frustration, which made me realize how sad he felt. It was heartbreaking for me to see him like that. I want to learn to read, answer his questions, and teach him when he asks, “Mommy, what letter is that?” that I can tell him. Through this program, I am learning to read and write, which enables me to help him with his studies.”

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