Jacob W Jones

Along with Nathaniel Howard, in 2016, Jacob W. Jones became the co-executive director of The Wájaro Foundation [“Wájaro”]. This ecumenical and multidisciplinary organization is Alfalit’s authorized affiliate provider in Colombia.

A graduate of Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, Jake earned a bachelor of arts degree with a double major in Philosophy and History and a minor in International Studies. Before coming to Wájaro, Jake volunteered with World Impact (Newark, New Jersey) and assisted troubled youth in Oregon. In 2003, he established In & Out Cleaning Services, Inc., an Indiana social enterprise that aids addicts in their recovery process, and operated the business until 2019. For this and other contributions to the community, Jake was named Muncie Indiana Citizen of the Year in 2014. He grew up in the Amazon rainforest with his Bible translator parents and lived with a small group of indigenous people, the Barasana. Jake is devout and believes that faith is demonstrated in many ways, and educating communities is one of the most important and empowering. His wife Lauren joins him in the Foundation’s work, and together they have four children. Fluent in English and Spanish, he speaks some Eduria.