Rene Escalera

Executive Director​

Is the dedicated and passionate Executive Director of Alfalit Boliviano, bringing over 13 years of valuable experience in this role. With a strong background in preparing, administering, and evaluating social projects, René is skilled at driving successful outcomes and delivering results that make a real impact.

René is an active and organized individual who thrives on working collaboratively with others to achieve objectives. His professional training as an agronomist engineer, as well as a master’s degree in project development and evaluation, has equipped him with the necessary skills and expertise to drive growth and change in the communities Alfalit Boliviano serves.

Fluent in both Quechua and Spanish, René has worked for over 20 years in community productive education programs in various departments of Bolivia. This extensive experience has given him a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges faced by the communities he serves and how best to address these challenges to bring about positive change.

René is committed to Alfalit Boliviano’s mission and vision; his dedication to his work is evident in everything he does. His leadership and expertise are invaluable assets to the organization, and he genuinely makes a difference in the lives of those he serves.