Verushka B.Valencia

US Lead Program Coordinator

Verushka B. Valencia was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she’s a single mom of two, Nashim a 26 years old man and Arianna a 16 years old girl. In 2001, she took a risky yet life changing decision to move to the Sunshine State where she experienced tremendous personal growth, during a time she lived one of the hardest and most rock-bottom moment that led her to an encounter with Jesus Christ for the first time in her life. If Verushka could describe her Miami journey in one word, it will be; “reformation”. Verushka is an active member of her local church; Arde in the city of Doral serving as an intercessor, she became a tireless and passionate intercessor for her local church and Mission Miami; the ministry were she also served as a volunteer for the unity, transformation of the body of Christ and the awaken of intercessors in the city, she’s also an active member of La Asociación de Ministros del Sur de la Florida.
One of her deepest desire was to become part of an organization that shared her passion for the gospel and the Kingdom of Heaven. God in His faithfulness answered her prayers through the opportunity of joining the Alfalit International team since March 2017, for the past 6 years she has been the program coordinator for USA. Among other office related responsibilities, Verushka oversees Alfalit literacy program and ACE in South Florida and other out of state facilities like Texas, Santa Barbara, California and Washington.

As of today, Verushka has had the opportunity to work mostly with Hispanic immigrants with one of the largest horticultural growers in the world here in Miami, Florida. For the past 10 years Alfalit has served this part of the community with the Spanish literacy and Conversational English programs transforming the lives of hundreds of students. As she witnesses the progress of students and throughout the many students’ testimonies is her desire to make this program grow even more and impact the lives of many others in the years to come.