Patrick T. Ramge

Born: Ridgewood, New Jersey
Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Financing
Education: Providence College, Rhode Island
Personal: 3 Children

Pat was first inspired to help people through Alfalit’s programs after a speech by Alfalit Board Chair, Joseph Milton, at our gala about 5 years ago. Pat credits his 4 plus years of involvement as a Board Member to the very tangible effects of Alfalit’s impact on our students. He also notes that the passion and engagement of Joseph and other board members are very motivating. He enjoys the annual galas and loves learning about our students and their remarkable progress.

Pat has many philanthropic interests beyond Alfalit. He serves on the Board of Directors at Jack & Jill Children’s Center in Fort Lauderdale and has done so for over 10 years, including two as President. The organization helps at-risk children and families to break the cycle of poverty through education and other programs.

Small world? When Pat met Rex Barker, an Honorary Board Member and former member of the Board of Directors, through their respective involvement with Alfalit, they discovered that Pat had grown up with Rex’s cousins in New Jersey. In fact, both Pat and one of the Barker cousins were voted “Biggest Dimples” of their graduating class!

Pat is thankful for his circle of friends and family that offer him support and expand his mind to new perspectives. Pat notes that his Board experience with Alfalit has allowed him to gain a deeper appreciation for the impact literacy has on the lives of others.