Pray for Alfalit

Please keep Alfalit in your personal and family prayers. Consider adding Alfalit to your prayer group. Want to know more about Alfalit? Invite us to your church or civic group to share Alfalit’s story of hope, compassion and faith.


In your prayers, please:


Thank God for our founders whose vision, strength and faith created Alfalit.
Ask God to keep our students and teachers safe and healthy. So many live in conflict-ridden areas of extreme poverty and are prone to disease and malnutrition.
Ask God to grant wisdom to Alfalit’s leaders to make the best choices possible.
Ask for blessings upon on our many volunteers and donors because, without them, Alfalit would not have the funds or people workforce to make our mission happen.
Ask God to keep our students, volunteers, donors, and staff focused on the bright future that literacy brings.

Thank you for keeping Alfalit in your prayers now and always.

Will you pray with us?

Please let us know that you are committed to keeping Alfalit strong and focused through the power of prayer. Check all that apply.

    Whatever you ask in my name, I will do.

                                                           John 14:13