Julien Nshimba Mpiana

Executive Director​

Julien Nshimba Mpiana has headed AlfaCongo since 2015. Interestingly, while providing translation services for visiting Alfalit International representatives, he was so impressive that they advocated for his placement as AlfaCongo’s Director. In 2019, under Julien’s leadership, AlfaCongo received the Maria Losako Award and was acknowledged as the best literacy program from a field of 342 organizations in the DRC.

An evangelist at Cité de l’Eternal Church (Kinshasa), Julien is married to Cécile and the father of 3 children. He continues to be motivated by the story of his mother, who frequently told him that one day she would become an educated woman. However, when eye disease rendered her blind, she was unable to achieve her dream. So Julien decided to learn for her. He has a diploma in Humanitarian Studies, Latin Philosophy option, from the College of St. Charles Lwanga (Kamina), and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Administration Option, from the University of Lubumbashi. Julien is a highly regarded nonprofit professional with various certifications in Conflict Management, Development and Peace, and other subjects. The former Parliamentary Assistant to the National Assembly of the DRC (Kinshasa) was also a Coordinator of Evangelists, French and English professor at the Institute Mapinduzi (Kinshasa), and more. He is fluent in French, English, Chinese, Swahili, Tshiluba, & Lingala.