Maveza Mbiyeye Eduardo

Executive Director​, Alfalit Angola, 18 years

A husband and father of 6, Pastor Maveza has a Bachelor’s degree in Theological Training and has completed numerous leadership seminars and courses. Before Alfalit Angola, he served as the Executive Director of Abundant Life, a non-governmental organization [NGO]. As a survivor of Angola’s long civil war, he saw his homeland ravaged and witnessed the impact on the people of his country. He dedicated his life to education because he believes knowledge will light the way to prevent of such trauma from ever happening again. He enjoys being a part of Alfalit because, just like him, Alfalit seeks to help those with the least who need us the most.

*A note from Alfalit International – “Maveza is committed to the goal of bringing literacy to all. He is inspirational to hear, and when you visit Alfalit Angola’s classes, you see the results of his hard work and love for his country.”