Joseph Milton

Joseph Milton is the President and CEO of J. Milton & Associates. He is the Second Generation Developer of his  family owned and operated Real Estate Company, Headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida. Milton is hands on  following the philosophy of his father and founder, Jose Milton, to dedicate himself to a pursuit of perfection that  requires him to “live and sleep with the business”. 

  Mr. Milton received a Jesuit High School education at the prestigious Belen Preparatory School in Miami, which is  steeped in tradition and rigorous Curriculum. Following Belen, Mr. Milton graduated from the University of Miami  with a Degree in Civil Engineering, where he was enrolled in the advanced Honor Roll Program. Of special note, he studied and received his State of Florida General Contractors License in 1987, while working on various family  projects and completing his Engineering Degree. In 1990 he received his Professional Engineering License from the  State of Florida, rounding out his education and setting the stage for his career in Real Estate Development.  

While attending high school and University, Mr. Milton was committed to learning the family business from the  ground up. First at the age of fifteen working as an entry level laborer preparing foundations for concrete pouring,  working on the forming and placing of structural decks and stressing of the post-tension cables of the structural  slabs. Through the years he worked as an assistant jobsite supervisor, threshold engineer and estimator. He  finalized his construction experience by his mid- twenties by achieving and becoming a construction supervisor. His  education was not limited to just construction however as he was motivated to learn all aspects of rental  community leasing, building engineering and property management. 

  Following his on the job training and practical education, he cohesively and creatively brought a new dimension to  the family business by creating a World Class Condominium Division. In 1993 he set out to expand the families  base in the very competitive world of condominiums within the City of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Assembling the  best talent he could find in all aspects of Development including land planning, architecture, engineering, interior  design, trade subcontractors, sales and marketing, all handpicked by him.

As a fervent believer in Education, Mr. Milton has been dedicated to working within the World of Charity. His  exposure to developing an Instinct came from his mother, early on, as she inspired him to help others. This led to  sharing his beliefs in education through the Global Charity, Alfalit International, whereby he now enjoys the role of  Chairman of the Board, serving people from 5 to 95 in over 25 countries, teaching basic math, reading, writing as  well as job skills training, for millions around the world.  

At the core of Joseph Milton’s philanthropic focus is the Jose Milton Foundation, created by Mr. Milton and his  immediate family members, in order to keep Jose Milton’s legacy and spirit alive by serving South Florida residents  and the community. The Foundation has coalesced the entire Milton Family to focus on a myriad of heartwarming  charities, including those notable of Health, Education and Wellbeing of those in need. In keeping with Joseph’s  belief of always striving to make life better for those in need, he mirrors a quote from Winston Churchill who said,  “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

   Throughout his storied career as someone that continues to evolve as a person, he has developed a specific and  unique taste for surrounding his personal life and real estate developments with all forms of ART! He believes the  language we speak is sometimes demonstrated in our cultural and spiritual values that feed the soul and are  manifested through the strong influence of ART! He truly subscribes, ART is a gift for all ages according to Mr.  Milton. His collection are not limited to one type but to a variety of beautiful works like the famed artists Fernando  Botero, Britto and Manolo Valdez. Most recently he has proudly announced the unveiling of “Mariposas” Sculpture  by World Class Spanish Master Manolo Valdez, at his Sunny Isles Beach office Tower named after his beloved  Father – Milton Tower, to be positioned at the entrance to the Gateway to the City, for all residents and visitors to  enjoy for generations to come.  

 If someone is honored, they are recognized and awarded special consideration for their achievements in life, both  personal and business. Joseph Milton has been bestowed with special recognition in:

Once his handpicked team was assembled, he immersed himself within the City of Sunny Isles Beach by working  with the Founding Fathers of this Ocean Front Community, to introduce and commemorate the Cities first Land  Planning and Zoning Footprint. Additionally, he created and developed the “Town Center Overlay Plan,” that acted  as a road map to develop a comprehensive plan for residential and commercial uses, which framed the Main  Gateway to the City. He went on to develop most of the town center with the City’s Gateway Park, retail,  condominium housing and the first and only Class A office tower in the city.  

Framing the entrance and Gateway to the City of Sunny Isles Beach, he carved out the first and only A Class office  tower in order to service those businesses that seek a higher level of services and finishes, all geared to both  National, Regional and Local prospective tenants.  

Since 1990 Joseph Milton has been a leader in urban development in Miami-Dade County, City of Miami and Sunny  Isles Beach. Working with government municipalities in planning and improving urban zoning to provide better  lifestyles for its citizens. Dedicating himself to building better lifestyle from your home to the workplace. Planning  for the recreation of the community in developing parks in the City of Miami and Sunny Isles Beach to improve the  quality of life of its residents. 

Today, as the CEO of this Billion Dollar Family Business, Joseph Milton’s responsibilities are far more reaching, as  the third generation of Milton Family Members join the firm, including his daughter, whom he expects to join him  in the business upon graduating from university with a Masters’ Degree in Architecture. He looks forward to new  horizons as the company expands its interests in the Commercial, Office Development, Condominium and  Residential Rental Communities across South Florida.

If someone is honored, they are recognized and awarded special consideration for their achievements in life, both  personal and business. Joseph Milton has been bestowed with special recognition in:

1. The Ronald McDonald House Award- Twelve Good Men- Honors a select group of South Florida’s  distinguished gentlemen whose contributions and outstanding community & civic involvement are worthy  of special consideration and appreciation.  

2. Boy Scouts of America-The Distinguished Citizens Award- Presented to those individuals who personify  what the Boy Scouts stand for, good citizenship, outstanding moral fiber, with a dedication to others. 

3. A special Award by the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton-a full five minute personalized  video sent to Joseph Milton bestowing upon him the recognition of his tireless efforts to give his time, on  the ground and field work as well as his financial support to educate millions of people around the Globe.  

4. Congressman Mario Diaz- Balart’s presentation to Joseph Milton of the Flag of the United States that had  been flown over the Capitol as a token of appreciation by those in Congress honoring him for his  dedication and service to the Citizens of the United States.  

5. The Rene Moawad Foundation Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award- The Rene Moawad Foundation’s main mission is to promote peace, stability and prosperity in Lebanon through sustainable  human development activities.